Lilana Sydre

Photographer / Roleplayer

A Viera from the forests of Skatay Range, who left her Tribe to seek out new thrills and find a new Journey for her life.
She found herself in Kugane, with nothing but her hopes and will in her pockets.
She had always had a passion for beautiful things and places as long as she can remember.
One day she had came across a lovely couple in Kugane that happened to own a painting/picture studio. They gladly took her under her wing and she is aspiring to become the best she can.

It didn't take her long for her to crave the sweet taste of hunting and adventuring again, leading her to Limsa Lominsa. She had heard all kinds of talk about how this apparent port could lead her to new chapters in her life.

(WIP) ♥

  • Age: 125 (Viera Years)

  • Height: 6'2 without any heels on.

  • Lilana is a Curious Individual. She is studying deep into the world of Magic and Conjuring. Looking to explore her new life and find a new love in the world of Eorzea.

  • Motherly friend type. May care just a little too much sometimes.

  • Her research into conjuring has allowed her to have some quite interesting changes to her appearance.

I am willing to do NSFW/SFW Shoots.
I will charge extra for using your Modpack/Mods. (50k upcharge)
SFW Photoshoot (3-4 Photos) 400k
NSFW Photoshoot (3-4 Photos) 500k
I can provide more examples of my work on Discord.

OOC Info

  • I enjoy doing PvE content and would love to potentially make new friends that enjoy doing this kind of Content.

  • I usually am on late evenings, either afk, doing roulettes, or gposing.

  • My pronouns are She/Her.